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Cisco is known as a leading IT vendor that issues various certifications for candidates who strive to work with Cisco services and products. This organization is a real authority in IT and is concerned about the quality of the work provided by its specialists. That’s why it has created the Certification Program which any candidate can follow after defining his/her career goals.

So, Cisco offers credentials for candidates with different skills level in Design, Security, Cyber Security Operations, Data Center, Routing & Switching, Collaboration among many. Still, on the most in-demand certification is R&S and this article is devoted to it, as well as the benefits of getting it on your CV.

CCNP R&S Certification Overview

The is considered to be a career booster for networking industry professionals. The importance of this certification can never be underestimated because the organizations are now looking for professionals that have already obtained it and are able to complete the tasks related to wide-area enterprise networks successfully and in a short span of time.

Opting for CCNP R&S certification implies that the candidates have already gained the CCNA R&S credential. Thus, it means that those who wish to advance their skills in routing and switching, choose to obtain it. To get the CCNP R&S certification, you need to pass three exams: 300-101 route, 300-115 switch and 300-135 tshoot. The time allowed for each exam is around 2 hours (120 minutes). But the number and type of questions might be different. For example, the Cisco 300-101 test consists of 45-65 questions while 300-115 includes 30-40 questions. As for Cisco 300-135 test, it comprises 15-25 questions. With the CCNP R&S certification, you can apply for such positions as network engineer, systems engineer or network technician and get annually, about $92,000.

Now, let’s see the benefits you’d earn with the CCNP R&S certifications

Job availability is high

The major reason why somebody agrees upon upgrading their skills is that they want to get a reputable job in their desired company. There is no doubt that CCNA certification enables you to get a job in an IT organization. But you’d have to make a lot of struggle to achieve this goal. On the other hand, CCNP certified professionals have a better chance of getting a job without making any effort.

The recruiters are also concerned about hiring CCNP certified professionals because they know that these individuals are good at completing tasks related to networking and operations required. So, if you are willing to get a desired job like IT manager, Network Administrator and Network Engineer, you need to earn the CCNP R&S certification as soon as possible.

Salary potential is high

The reputable companies always look for professionals that are good at completing their daily tasks. And these companies are always ready to pay a hefty amount of money for hiring these professionals. According to a survey, the CCNP R&S certified professionals are earning around 10-20 percent more than the uncertified individuals. So, if you’re also willing to earn a higher amount of money, then this Cisco credential is a right for you.

Developing a mouthwatering resume

Your resume is an important document that companies use to decide if you are eligible for a specific job role or not. The existence of CCNP R&S result in your resume helps you to stand out of the crowd and persuades the employer to take a deep look at it. So, it’s a valuable asset for you if you want to impress the employer with your skills and experience gained.

Excellent Job growth

Promotion is definitely a major issue for most of the employees. Fortunately, CCNP R&S certified professionals have a better chance of availing this opportunity than others. In fact, it also provides you with a chance of shifting to another company if you’re not satisfied with your current job. And the best part is that the next company will appoint you at a better position instead of asking you to start from scratch.


CCNP R&S certification qualifies you for job roles that have a better chance of growth in the near future. According to a survey, the growth rate of CCNP R&S certified professionals is 10-15 percent higher than the other employees.

Eligibility for advanced certifications

The CCNP R&S certification makes you eligible for advanced certifications that can help in boosting your skills in the future. The networking industry doesn’t have any limits. And there are always some chances of growth. So, the next step you can make is getting CCIE R&S credential. It’s the best choice you can make, if you want to beat others in the networking industry.

Opportunity to work in foreign countries

Everybody has a dream of visiting different countries but there are only a few that actually fulfill their dreams. The CCNP R&S certification is your ticket to visit different countries. With this credential, you can work in any part of the globe, as companies that use Cisco products, services and technologies are located worldwide and regularly look for skillful certified professionals.

Tips to prepare for CCNP R&S exams

Before taking any certification exam, the candidates are highly recommended to take help from the study materials on the official Cisco website. There are study guides available for each exam that describe each and every topic in details. Similarly, there are video tutorials available for each exam so that the candidates do not have to make a lot of struggle to prepare for the exams.

The candidates are requested to practice their knowledge regularly because it helps in polishing their skills. Also, don’t forget to take at least 2-3 practice tests before appearing in the exam. It will be useful for you to join study groups as there candidates share the detailed information about the exams. In addition, use CCNP R&S exam dumps as they have appeared to be helpful over the past few years.


One of the trustworthy online platforms is Prepaway. It’s perfect for individuals that seek for the most updated and authentic exam dumps to test their knowledge. The Prepaway website has been helping the students for years and it regularly provides the most actual prep material for exam preparation. The files provided here are based on the recent changes. There are several video tutorials available on this site that clearly describe the topics of CCNP R&S exams.




CCNP R&S certification brings a lot of benefits for individuals that want a significant boost in their IT career. Your goal of winning the high paying jobs and joining your desired company can now be accomplished with this certification. In fact, you’d also get a chance of taking your skills to the next level with this certification. Now, you know the major benefits of CCNP R&S certification and can opt for this beneficial credential. Use the most valid material from Prepaway website and tackle the exam questions easily.

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