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Back and Forth with Texas Southern University

I am a resident of the state of Louisiana. I graduated from Broadmoor Senior High School in Baton Rouge, LA in the year of 2008. The same year on that August my mother shipped me to Texas Southern university in Houston, Texas with no knowledge of Financial Aid or anything of the sort. I had room and board and took out loans to pay for school, courtesy of my Mom, without my knowledge.

My Mom left me in Houston and informed me to keep checking back with the office of Financial Aid, to make sure my loans get released.

I was in the Financial Aid Office at least 3 days out of every week I attended school. They only thing they told me was to check back tomorrow or in a few days.

I left Texas Southern to come back to Baton Rouge after the headache of financial aid, thinking it would just be better and cheaper to do it from my hometown.

After applying at my city’s community college, I learned that my transcript is being held and I can’t receive financial aid until it has. Algebra tutor on the choose your personal algebra tutor. I called Texas Southern to talk about the whole situation and all they could tell me was that I owe the school 7,000 because my loans never got released because a Master Promissory Note wasn’t signed. I assured TSU that I had not been informed about a Promissory Note the whole length of my time in Houston. I was trying to focus on my schoolwork.

It is now September of 2012 and I am in Baton Rouge Community College’s Student Lab Center and I haven’t been able to get into school since January 2009, because of a withheld transcript.

I just want many colleges to know how many people they’re holding back and how many genius minds could contribute to our world and society as a whole, but they can’t get education because of simple misunderstandings.

In Essence, their diminishing futures. No one should even have that much power, but this is America and you need a Good job to get to your dreams, and you need College to get a good job

I have dreams to be a very prosperous Computer Engineer and travel with my career helping anyone in my path any way I can, with or without the help of my community.

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