7 Apps That Will Amplify Your macOS Experience

One of the best things about owning a Mac computer is the availability of impressive macOS apps in each category, from interface customization to productivity to entertainment to security. You can either get them from Apple’s App Store or third-party developer sites for free.

Whether you are a new Mac user or are well-familiar with all the features that macOS gives you access to, there are apps that you will find helpful.

7 Apps That Will Amplify Your macOS Experience


The app prevents your computer from falling into sleep mode or going into auto-dim. It also prevents screensaver from appearing automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. Make sure to download the app from a legitimate source after analyzing the link carefully.

Amphetamine is an ideal option for users while they are watching movies or streaming videos. It prevents that annoying distraction that you deal with when the screen goes to sleep mode while you are watching a video.

Swift Publisher

Sometimes, you need to create your intuitive stationery, particularly when you are starting something new. Swift Publisher allows you to save extra money while giving you the chance to display your creativity. You can create brochures, flyers, business cards, and similar marketing collateral.

Once your content is ready, the next task involves printing it on a piece of paper. If you have a printer at home, printing the letterhead or a business card may not be a challenge. What if you need to print brochures as you need to get them double-sided on paper? Visit https://setapp.com/how-to/print-double-sided to get complete information on duplex printing.



The app is a multi-purpose utility that works as a calendar, database, note-taking, Kanban board, and even more. The Notion is an appropriate app for project management, social media calendars, story writing, or anything that you imagine doing on your computer.

The app is appropriate for users who need to handle numerous tasks as part of their work commitment. This way, you do not have to install multiple apps for various tasks that will help you prevent some space on the storage media.

Wondershare Filmora

It’s time to save some bucks with the finest video editing app available online. One of the best things about Wondershare Filmora software is that it is available free for macOS users. Apart from that, it supports a wide variety of video formats and provides 300+ impressive effects to add to the video.

The software allows you to swap backgrounds and add special effects while you are editing a video. Showcasing multiple clips on a single screen is easy, and you can even track the movement of a car or a person, or any other moving object in the digital videos.


When you need an organization app on your computer, Hazel can be the best pick as it allows for easy file management. Create your custom rules to help the app recognize, manage, sort, and move the files stored on your computer.

You can use this app at work as well as your home computer for managing all your files like a breeze. File management is easy with Hazel whether you want to name your files, add tags, apply rules to the files and folders. Automate the way you organize your content on macOS by downloading Hazel from a trustworthy source.


If you love listening to podcasts or music, Spotify is the place to go. Get access to a whole lot of the Spotify catalog and search and listen to your favorite song free of charge. The good thing is that Spotify is available for macOS, iOS, and other operating systems. So whether you are a Mac user or have an Android phone, you can install Spotify.

Another significant feature is that you can select to stream content in your native language, which makes it even more practical to download the app. You can build and play your custom playlist to listen to rock or hip-hop or any genre you like the most. Although you can listen to the content for free, upgrade to Spotify Premium to enjoy exclusive features.



Now this one is for gamers. Valve Software offers Mac-compatible versions to allow macOS users to enjoy their favorite games. Games you purchased to play on Linux or Windows are playable on macOS if a supported version is available. Steam is available for everyone, regardless of the operating system you use.

Using Steam, you don’t have to purchase and install a dedicated macOS version of the game, which will save you time. If your Mac is not capable of handling high-end tasks, you can try Steam Remote Play on a Windows computer that has the oomph to play heavy games. For enhanced gameplay on Mac, you can invest in a PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One controllers.

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