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Domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and selected, and you will also have an opportunity to present their ideas to combat domestic violence. Domestic violence is an abusive behaviour by a partner in intimate relationships, such as marriage or interconnection, often leading to physical violence. There are many forms of domestic violence, such as verbal abuse, sexual violence, emotional abuse, etc.
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Most victims of domestic violence are not aware of their right to combat and domestic violence. It is very important to disseminate information. Different countries of the world have different laws governing such cases of domestic violence. In some countries, however, there is no norm or any law to prevent domestic violence. Any such laws that could help victims of domestic violence could be discussed. You can also explore and write about the different patterns of behaviour of people who cause domestic violence to their partners. It is also possible to discuss the various forms of assistance available to victims of domestic violence. You can also run an analysis to find the primary or root causes of domestic violence and discuss it.

The impact of the Internet on youth

The Internet has significantly changed the way we communicate or make financial and other transactions. Although Internet technology can be a bot, it also has a number of disadvantages. The Internet provides a wide range of services and provides a lot of information for a few seconds. The Internet is integrated into many applications that allow us to perform our daily tasks with a single click. The Internet has both positive and negative consequences for young people. While the Internet is indifferent to today’s youth through educational information and other academic services when the mouse is pressed, it also makes young people lazy and has absorbed most of the productive time for young people. It was reported that young people spent most of their time viewing the Internet only on social networks or on their websites, resulting in low levels of education. There have been occasions when young people have abused the Internet by creating false e-mail addresses to access sites they do not have to. You can explore and explore in detail the services and sites from which young people can benefit, as well as discuss ways in which young people have abused the Internet. You can also write about how today’s young people spend most of their time in front of a computer, accessing the Internet, affecting their health and thus performance.

Racism had always been an important topic in the study of sociology, since racism was a major social problem. The root causes of racism are unknown, but of course from very ancient times. Racism is a belief that causes hatred among people on the basis of race, colour, characteristics, abilities, or certain people. A staff member may think that another person or race is incomplete and often attempts to isolate such persons or groups. Racial discrimination is a serious problem of social justice and must be addressed in large and imprecise purposes. Over a period of time, a number of laws and regulations have been introduced in many countries of the world to prevent racism in any way. This problem of racism has had a major impact on the growth of the number of nations for more than hundreds of years and now has enormous consequences. However, the reports state that racism continues to be widespread in many rural areas and in small parts of the world. It is very important to cut off the habit of treating them like equal, children, while they are in school. You can explore and discuss the various strict laws that helped countries fight racism. You can also write about the factors that continue to cause racism, such as greed, fear and ideology, etc. You can talk about how racism is a psychological phenomenon, and how it makes society unstable.

Causes of poverty

There are various causes of poverty and poverty, a social problem that has been debated for many years in sociology. With many factors of poverty, there are so many consequences of poverty. Growing populations are one of the main causes that directly contribute to poverty in large developing countries. With more and more land converted to residential areas, this affects the cultivation of land and, consequently, the poor performance of agriculture, leading to poverty. Lack of education for children also contributes directly to unemployment and thus leads to poverty. There are certain unfair economic trends that also lead to poverty. Corruption in the business and government sectors has resulted in the lack of basic human resources and hence poverty. You can choose any cause of poverty and develop it after a thorough investigation, or you may want to examine in detail all possible causes of poverty. Strategies developed by several countries and international organizations to combat poverty could also be discussed. Any other idea that could be useful for the prevention of poverty could also be discussed. You might want to include some real examples of time to demonstrate the negative effects of poverty along with the causes of poverty.

Sociology of Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a great writer, as well as a great philosopher with ideas that are believed to have led to strong social changes. Karl Marx’s theory of society, economy and politics-collective action, like Marxism, has played a huge role in shaping the modern social and economic community. He wanted socialism to be replaced by communism. Marx resolutely fought for realizable socialism to root out capitalism. He analyzed capitalist societies to understand economic disasters, exploitation and a number of other injustices, and then developed socialist theories that proved useful. Marx’s ideas influenced the process of thinking of the common man as well as on world politics. His work is a great contribution to modern sociology. You can further explore the Marx theories in society and discuss why Marx was against capitalism, and to write about how his ideas have spawed sociology or the science of society. You can also discuss Marx’s various records and theories.

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