Let Your MacBook Breathe!

When you spend $1,000-plus for a laptop you want to take extra pains to keep it safe. There are a number of snap on cases available for MacBook Airs and Pros that not only help protect your computer but allow you to give it a stamp of individuality as well.

Let Your MacBook Breathe

Unfortunately, these protective cases can cause more harm than good, especially if you use your laptop for long stretches of time. Even silicone keyboard protectors designed to protect your MacBook from spills can hurt your Mac.

While this danger is not often discussed, a technician at Apple confirmed that snap on covers and silicone keyboard protectors can cause your MacBook to operate at a hotter temperature. This decreases your battery life as the fans are forced to work harder to keep your computer cool. It happens in much the same way as covering the bottom vents on a regular laptop by preventing hot air from escaping your MacBook.

The reason that the snap on cases can cause your MacBook to overheat is similar. Apple chose aluminum for the outer shell of their MacBooks because of its ability to transfer heat away from the circuitry within. Cases that remain in place while the computer is running interfere with this essential heat exchange and prevent your MacBook from cooling itself.

Snap on protective cases and silicone keyboard covers can shorten the life of your MacBook significantly. As a result, Apple recommends that their MacBooks be used without any coverings in place whatsoever to allow for proper cooling of the machine.

While snap on cases and keyboard protectors seem like a fun way to protect your valuable investment, you may be damaging your laptop instead. Rather than use a case that remains in place while the machine is turned on it is much better to purchase a case that is used only when your MacBook is shut off.

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