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The one thing that worries me about my computer products is how quickly they can be worn out. When this happens you will find that they don’t work properly. Most of us do like to eat while we are sitting at our computer. The down side to that is that we can get a lot of crumbs and debris inside of the keys. This can cause the keys to get stuck, and not function properly. Instead of spending tons of money on new products each year, the five products below are sure to help you clean your computer .

How to Clean Your Computer


Logitech Washable Keyboard
Having a washable keyboard is a great way to make sure you can keep using items without replacing them so frequently. The washable keyboard is the perfect solution. You can wash it, clean it, than dry it. It is so much better than trying to get those crumbs out of your keyboard keys.

Microfiber Electronic Cloths
These clothes are perfect for keeping your computer screen clean, and wiping down everything. You don’t have to worry about cleaning anything and everything. This cloth is perfect and affordable as well. You can also use them to clean your phone, and tablet as well. You can buy a box of microfiber cloths online, or you may also be able to find these products at your local Walmart store.

Bzz Brush
With the help of this gadget you can clean both your monitor and your keyboard. Even your touch screen can be cleaned with this two piece device. I love little gadgets that make cleaning easier, and it will also help to ensure the life of your devices. What is also nice is that since it is a gadget it will be pretty easy to get your kids to want to clean their devices as well. For example if your teenager have a tablet, or a smart phone, or perhaps they spend a lot of time on the family computer, giving them this products will encourage them to want to clean up.

Grubby Sticks
This is another device that is perfect for cleaning items from in between those keyboard keys. It’s almost like a mini duster, and works really well. I think this is a good idea for small hands. For example if your kids use your desktop computer this can help them to clean out any crumbs or dust in between the keys.

Virus Protection
This product is an obvious one but is also one which is always overlooked. You want a virus protection that has great reviews so you will need to do some research. Look for something that can be updated on a regular basis, and that actually works. Cleaning the inside of your computer is as important of cleaning the outside of it.

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